Klipsch Image X10i series II Earphones with remote mic for Apple *Free Posting Worldwide

Klipsch Image X10i series II Earphones with remote mic for Apple *Free Posting Worldwide
Klipsch Image X10i series II Earphones with remote mic for Apple *Free Posting Worldwide
Brand: Klipsch
Product Code: X10i
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Inspire envy with Image X10i headset. Among the world’s smallest, lightest in-ear headphone designs, it employs a wealth of micro technology for comfortable wear and audiophile-quality listening. Plus, it includes an advanced mic and 3-button remote for taking calls and controlling the music content on your iPod, iPod touch, iPhone 3GS or iPad.

  • Full music and/or voice control on select products
  • Award-winning sound performance
  • Patented oval ear tips for unbeatable comfort
  • 360° mic enables highly intelligible phone calls
  • Superior noise isolation
  • Amazing bass response
  • Durable cables with built-in strain relief

  • 100% compatible with,
    • iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS
    • iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th), classic (120GB, 160GB), nano (4th, 5th, 6th), shuffle (3rd, 4th)
    • iPad 1, 2, 3
    • MacBook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro (2009)
  • Remote works on iPod shuffle (3rd gen) with latest iPod software.
  • For iPhone 1st gen and 3G: Mic and call/music button works, but volume controls doesnt.
  • Works like a regular earphone on most media players
  • May not work on some smartphones


Oval shaped Earbuds .. Comfort, Fit, Noise Isolation

When Klipsch started studying 3-dimensional ear impressions, it was discovered that nearly everyone has an oval-shaped ear canal. The company couldn't believe that no one else had considered the anatomical shape of the ear canal when designing in-ear headphones.

The usual round earbuds squeezes itself unnaturally into your ear canal and exert extra pressure to the walls of your ear canal.

Klipsch's oval earbuds fits easily and comfortably into the oval contours of your ear canals.

This natural oval fit gives a perfect acoustic seal. A good seal minimizes outside noise, also known as noise isolation, and allows you to enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes.

To make it comfortable for you to wear for extended period, Klipsch carefully selected a silicone material that is softer than most earbuds out there. Klipsch's earbuds are light and flexible to the touch, yet hardy and long lasting. It is washable and replaceable.


Contents ..

Silicone Oval Earbuds 3 pairs, S, M, L

Silicone Oval Earbuds Double Flanges 2 pairs S, L

Airline adaptor

Wax cleaning tool

Stereomini to Stereo plug adapter

Epi leather Pouch

2 years Singapore Warranty
by TCA, Klipsch's Singapore Distributor. We can help non-residents liase with them for a $10 fee.

Type Dynamic
Frequency Response 5~19,000 Hz
Sensitivity 110 dB/mW
Impedance 50 ohm
Cord Length, Shape Y
Weight 10 g
Weight in Retail box 200g

Superior Design

Based on our highly acclaimed Image X10 headphones, the X10i offers the absolute best in style, sound comfort and fit. It caters to discriminating, on-the-go listeners who are constantly playing music and taking phone calls. 
The X10i positions its in-line microphone and remote at the yoke—where the two cables meet at chest level—to create a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music.

Because the microphone is a highly intelligible 360° design, you don’t have to talk down into it or hold it close to your mouth. The microphone also features echo cancellation, which keeps it from picking up surrounding noise, so you’ll always be heard crystal clear.

Luxurious Comfort
It doesn’t matter how great a pair of headphones sound if they are painful to wear. Unlike traditional, circular-shaped ear tips that put stress on the pressure points inside your ear, the X10i utilizes patented oval ear tips that naturally fit the shape of your ear canals, making them extremely comfortable and virtually impossible to feel.

Additionally, these exclusive ear tips produce a perfect acoustic seal, which minimizes outside noise so you can enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes. 

Magnificent Sound
Inside each ear piece, which is made of machined aluminum and finished in anodized copper, you’ll find an exclusive full-range armature micro-speaker with a tuned bass-reflex system that delivers lifelike dynamics, sonic clarity and booming bass.

Please be aware that the X10i is not for casual listening. If you rip your digital music files using a poor compression format and low bit rate, this high-resolution Klipsch headset will uncover all the flaws in your content.  

Additional Perks
The Image X10i comes with 5 pairs of different-sized ear tips, an ear tip cleaning tool, an airplane adaptor, a ¼-inch jack adaptor, a protective carrying pouch as well as a clothing clip.


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